When it comes to trousers, the motto is: Jeans out, cloth trousers in.

To be on the safe side when it comes to clothing and to score points, you should rely on classic elements on such an evening. You can’t go wrong with a dark blue suit, for example from the It label Maison Martin Margiela for around 1250 euros. In addition a white shirt from Maison Martin Margiela for around 200 euros, a colorful handkerchief from Canali, around 60 euros and high-quality details that will be remembered.

The look should underline your character, be mature and bring a certain seriousness with it – your date will like that! We saw these styles online at mrporter.com.

Your best friend’s party: Welcome to St.Tropez

Your best friend has invited them for a birthday and as your best friend is, it has to be celebrated as big as possible. The maritime-themed invitation suggests that the celebration will take place in beautiful France on one of the longest yachts that St. Tropez has to offer. The whole crowd will be there and everything is under the credo "see and be seen". No question about it, you can keep up with that for a long time! For this special occasion, choose an elegant cream-colored linen suit from Burberry London for around 645 euros, a pink cotton shirt from Hackett for around 130 euros, color-coordinated details and high-quality loafers with gold elements, for example from Gucci for 518 euros – stylish, extravagant , diversified! With these outfit inspirations, you can look forward to the most varied of occasions russian brides online and the most flashy events in a relaxed manner and always remain true to yourself. That certain something and the small details sometimes make a look and ensure a lasting impression – the ladies will confirm that! Conclusion: The right dress code is not magic. And noble doesn’t even have to be expensive. In our photo show we have summarized the looks described again for you. Have fun clicking through!

Nobody in Europe is better dressed than Italians. This is the opinion of 35 percent of the 12,000 European vacationers surveyed, according to the vacation rating portal Zoover. Reason enough to take a look at what Italian men’s fashion currently has to offer. The Italian fashion can be styled in no time at all. Small details, big impact – and women fall for the nonchalant look by the dozen.

The italian style
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Summer, sun and the Côte d’Azur – time for relaxation and of course lots of hot flirts. Please do not expect a basic course in flirting now, you are sure to be very good at it. No, it gets a lot better: We’ll tell you how to dress stylishly in an Italian way and thus cast a spell over women. The overall picture is known to make the style, but one thing counts most for the first impression: the jacket. And who could create the best jacket for an Italian look than an Italian himself. Of course we are now talking about Armani, the master of the casual suit. Characterized by a particularly casual shoulder area, you feel wrapped in such a piece even in the most stressful job like on vacation in Italy. Freed from stiff upholstery and insoles, an Armani suit is much more elegant, >>

than the English suit. The generally very soft Italian cloths do their part: They seem to swing elegantly around the body and give the wearer an apparently youthful aura. If you want to add a fashionable icing on the cake, you can turn up the collar and lapel and style the suit in a very cool, trendy preppy look.

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Perfectly combined

Of course, your jacket needs a suitable companion. When it comes to trousers, the motto is: Jeans out, cloth trousers in. But please have a few trendy ones in summery natural tones or juicy sorbet colors. Important: it has to be slim. A wide pleated variant à la Don Johnson would in this case simply be from the wrong continent. Tonal combinations with a jacket are ideal for an elegant appearance: dark blue jacket with light blue trousers, or summery in brown and beige. With such a duo, you are well dressed at work, too.

Casualness in perfection

At the end of the day, the jacket likes to be paired with trousers in a contrasting color, or is exchanged for a gaudy one. The fashionist even chooses elegantly patterned trousers made of shimmering silk and combines them stylishly with a colored jacket. At the beach bar you score with a white jacket. In this case, however, please wear a subtly colored shirt.

Shirts with a southern flair There is a real variety of patterns: Classic stripes come in a washed-out summer look, making them sportier. Refreshing paisleys and graphic prints are real eye-catchers. If you wear your shirt casually and slightly open, then the subject of chest hair removal will be briefly discussed here. Although you can now imagine an Italian gigolo with an open shirt and blowing chest hair, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the elegance of the look. Certainly nobody has anything against a subtle glimmer. Cosmetic help is allowed here to ensure that the look remains airy, relaxed and, above all, elegant. If you prefer the buttoned version, a narrow Kent collar is your loyal companion. If a tie, then a simple, slim model in a tonal color. With the Italian style, the focus is more on the other accessories that serve as fashionable eye-catchers. The Italian loves details

If you pay attention to small details, you shouldn’t be negligent when it comes to accessories. The pocket square, neatly folded or presented casually – an Italian won’t go outside the porta without the little handkerchief. Even if it is often hidden by a chic jacket, a belt is an essential part of the outfit. From a light woven belt to an elaborately braided leather belt to the embossed version, the Italian indulges in a selection that is often only known to women in shoes.

The bag must come with Let’s get to the bag. Yes, you heard that right, a bag is an essential part of the Italian look. The good old wrist bag lives up to this outfit and must be presented. An exclusive model made of crocodile leather or a simple variant made of soft nappa leather replaces the wallet. Big advantage: The pockets of your slim trousers do not bulge. If you have a little more to carry, you don’t reach for the bland notebook bag or the stale briefcase. A casual shopper made of high-quality leather or elaborately braided raffia stows your work material at least as well and looks five times more stylish. Important: The good piece should definitely match the rest of your outfit. Light summer colors are preferable. Barefoot in leather shoes

The fact that Italians understand something about shoes is perfectly reflected in this look. Elegant models that seem simple have it all. Made of the finest leather, not only in the upper material, but also in the lining and the sole, these leather shoes guarantee a perfect appearance and let your feet breathe. Depending on the occasion, you can choose between casual slippers, smart loafers or elegant monks. The Italian look tends to do without stockings, after all, it’s warm enough in the south. If you do have socks, then please not just any: The Italians even look out for a simple accessory like socks. Whether colored or patterned, he not only chooses them carefully to match the rest of the outfit, but also matches them to all other accessories.

Changing tires, cheering on the barbecue, playing football – many men consider themselves experts in these matters. More and more men are also becoming more and more important when it comes to fashion: Around half of them value being dressed in fashion, according to the statistics portal statista.de. But they don’t always succeed. In addition, not all trends are well received by women. We show fashion no-gos in men’s fashion that makes women flee.

Fashion that women hate
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Fashionable flaws that women cannot bear in men include, for example, showy gold chains or pink shirts.

Men’s fashion: pink looks too feminine

Whether as a shirt or tie, checked or striped: pink has been the trend color in men’s fashion for some time. What was once decried as a typical girl’s color, many men now wear voluntarily. But they should do without that: men in pink look feminine, so the opinion of most women. In addition, the color does not suit all gentlemen. Light-skinned and red-haired people in particular look pale in them and should always combine a pink shirt with a dark jacket or sweater.

Gold chains look macho

Many women would prefer to run away from men who wear gold chains. Earrings with large rhinestones or large rings that are not wedding rings are also mostly rejected by women. A common reason: jewelry looks macho and intrusive. This is also the case with some men’s shoes, for example cowboy boots. The classic among male fashion sins is still unpopular: socks in sandals.

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Clothes have to match the style

Whether a man’s clothes are top or flop also depends on his appearance. If a man looks rather unkempt, corduroy trousers, slippers or flannel shirts quickly look ugly and worn. A well-groomed man, on the other hand, often looks more well-mannered in the same clothes.

It is also important that the outfit is appropriate to the situation: In leisure time, there is no objection to muscle shirts, but in the office, sleeveless summer tops have no place, according to the opinion of the women.

Stylish in the office, elegant at the next conference: Fine watches help enormously with the right appearance, they are an important accessory for the global businessman – they have to be high quality and at the same time not too ostentatious. wanted.de has put together a completely subjective list of the most beautiful business watches on the almost unmanageable market.

Watches to suit
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Always the same problem: an important meeting is approaching, the right watch is needed. The timepiece has to be flat so that it fits under the shirt. So thick pilot’s watches and fluffy oversizes are ruled out – unless you work in the exalted advertising or art industry. Furthermore, the watch should be stylish and restrained at the same time – after all, nobody wants to attract attention as a proletarian blender who might earn too much. Blink-Blink is therefore excluded, and extreme colors also fall flat.

Do not attract attention

In addition, the boss must not perceive the good piece as being too sporty – otherwise it is still said that you are only thinking about your free time. Thus, diving and car watches are ruled out. Chronographs are okay, but they are usually too high for tight-fitting cuffs.

Too noble is not good either – leave the Patek Philippe or Jaeger LeCoultre to your boss and concentrate on the entry-level models. But of course it mustn’t be a quartz watch either, that will immediately disqualify you as a stingy, cheap hunter.

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