What do you think the team needs to beat these greats of Europe

We already saw you play against Santa Teresa, but what are your feelings?

The truth is that the wait has been long. I already lived it once but it has nothing to do with it. It is a different process and the desire to return is everything. It makes you eternal, it is many months. The other day the game was going head-to-head and I was lucky to be able to play quite a few minutes. The sensations were very good, as for the knee I felt very good, without any fear, which in the end is something that in this injury is always there. The shadow of the fear of “what if I break again?” I did not have it this time and I am very happy with the sensations. Wanting more

Your way of dealing with this injury and subsequent recovery has always been highly praised. You have always been seen with a smile and that has not been easy because recovery was combined with confinement. How have you handled it, what have you done to keep yourself in good spirits? 

I’m not always like this. Whoever is here at home knows that there are many days of ups and downs and that many are down. In the end you have to take everything with a positive mindset, or they help you to do so. Sometimes I would get up more animated and if that day your knee hurt or you noticed something different, that joy would plummet again. The luck of having already lived it is that I knew what would happen, that there are days of everything. It is an injury with many ups and downs. I was not always with a smile at all but I am very grateful that you have supported me in bad times because many insecurities come in and you are grateful that someone tells you “I’m here with you, keep going”. It is true that I was linked to confinement but, I’m not going to lie to you, it was good for me because in the end I only missed eight games last season and six of this. Any player who is injured for a long time would sign to miss that many games. The rehabilitation that caught me at home was the stage to gain strength so I was able to do it without problems. Also, the fact of not watching soccer on TV, because there was neither male nor anything, helps you to say “okay, I don’t play but I’m not watching soccer, my teammates aren’t training. I don’t have it, but nobody has it ”. That helps you psychologically and you don’t miss it so much. Looking at the positive side of this pandemic, I am left with that, which helped me to miss fewer games and to miss it less. It has been hard but thanks to the club and its workers, rehabilitation was not delayed and I am very happy and grateful.

We leave aside the issue of injury, which we have already seen is extremely overcome. We go to the present time and it is that on Wednesday you measure yourself against PSV in the Champions League. How do you live this return to Europe after so long without playing the Champions League?

I live it with great desire and great enthusiasm. When we played the final phase in August I went and lived it with a lot of nervousness from the stands. They eat you up. I had an incredible desire to jump into the field, although I still had months left, but the illusion is maximum. It is a different competition where the teams have an incredible level and that everyone is going to give their best. We will go out to give everything and for a good result in the first leg.

There was talk in 1xbet free spins 2019 the preview that the most dangerous thing about PSV is its vertical attack. You go as favorites but, what do you expect from the game? 

We expect an aggressive team that plays a lot against the cons. In the end it has very fast players at the top who can generate danger. It will be a tough team that will defend well, they will be close together and will try to take advantage of any opportunity they have and that is what we have to manage, not to lose the ball and be patient. We know that sometimes it takes longer to enter the ball but we have to know how to manage the different times of the game and above all not to obsess. We are clear about what we play, we will go out to do what we know, to give everything and win.

In the last edition you lost against Wolfsburg, in my opinion very unfairly because Barça was superior. What do you think the team needs to beat these greats of Europe? Because that you are at the level or even above it has already been shown, but still it was not enough …

I think the only thing missing with Wolfsburg was scoring the goal. We had very clear chances. It is no longer that there is little distance between us and them, I think that in that match it was seen that there is no distance at all, that we compete from you to you and that we manage what the match was much better. We had the ball, we generated the danger … Her goal was in a somewhat cloudy play with several rejections and she ended up entering while we had many clear chances. I think it was one of those games where we would have played 90 more minutes and the ball would not have entered. My feeling from the stands was that, of feeling superior to Wolfsburg and squeezing them from you to you without fear and managing the game, which is something that was not seen until today. That gives us security, peace of mind for the future when we cross again to put the ball and get that game.

In the League you are absolutely unstoppable and in the Champions League you come from a final two years ago and a semi, as we said where you were superior, in the past year. This time we can talk about that winning the Champions League is a real goal for this Barça? 

Today we are not talking about long-term goals. We go game by game, even if it is a topic it is reality. Each team is different and they all go out to beat Barça, because in Spain we are the rival to beat, and outside too. The teams are coming out stronger and stronger for us and what we have to know how to do is manage that. Knowing that even if the favorites poster hangs on us, we must give our best because in the Champions League, as in the league, any team passes you over as soon as you lower the level a little. For us, the objective is to win every game and why not dream of the Champions League? Of course, everyone wants to win it and that is why we will work. We are no longer going to say that playing the Champions League is a prize, as we said years ago, that we were going to play and see what happens. Now we are not at that level, we have already taken a step forward and we have climbed a notch. Of course we are going to fight every game to get as far as possible, to be able to play another final and make it difficult for all the teams.

Finally, what do you say to the Barça fans who want you to win the Champions League?

First of all, thank you for all the support for women’s football. If this continues to grow, it is not only because of our work but also thanks to them, who are increasingly betting on women’s football and becoming more interested and more and more followers. That they continue to enjoy, that they continue to watch women’s football and that we will do everything we can to make them enjoy ourselves and to give them joy, which is needed right now.

His ideal XI of the Champions

Andrea Falcón was encouraged to ‘"to play" Contact us on the UEFA website to determine your ideal XI of the last edition of the Women’s Champions League from among the 50 nominees. The blaugrana chose its eight selected Barcelona teammates (Caroline Graham Hansen, Jenni Hermoso, Asisat Oshoala, Alexia Putellas, Kheira Hamraoui, Marta Torrejón, Mapi León and Sandra Paños), in addition to three other top European players (Marozsán, Irene Paredes and Lucy Bronze). The result, a more than terrifying team.

The European dream for FC Barcelona is over. After cruelly falling in the semifinals against Wolfsburg, the Blaugrana began the trip back home one day later with broken illusions but, yes, with the tranquility of having shown that this team is already a firm candidate for the Champions League title of the next editions. The expedition left San Sebastián in the morning, at 11:00, on the club’s bus to Barcelona, ​​where the Catalans will have time to process the hard blow and rest.


On 09/01/2020 at 11:05 CEST

Patricia Martinez @ppatrimc

Football is not always fair and Barça had to see its worst face yesterday in the duel against Wolfsburg. The culés were superior to their rival, an elite rival, for many the second best team in Europe, but the lack of luck and accuracy in the final meters penalized very unfairly. The Germans, who started out as clear favorites, danced to the sound that Barcelona played and were classified by the minimum thanks to an ugly rebound goal, but a goal after all.

A defeat that will help Barça continue to learn and grow, with the certainty that the great work done throughout this season has paid off. Far is the feeling of inferiority that the team experienced in the European final last year, when Lyon threw down the culés foundations with little effort. This time they not only stood up, they beat a rival that until now still seemed unattainable, but not anymore. The jump has already been made and the culés have made it very clear that they are no longer in the background. They are at the level of the greats of Europe and the long-awaited Champions League is about to fall.

Lluís Cortés sends a message to UEFA after the controversial referee performance

Cruel end of the dream for a gafado Barça

Trial by fire to make history again

Now, Barcelona will give their players a well-deserved rest for at least a week. In the next few days, Primera Iberdrola’s start schedule should be finalized and the club will be awaiting news in this regard to decide when to return to training. It is time to look forward and face a new course after a spectacular season for a Barcelona that is already in the elite.

There were no surprises in the last semi-final of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Olympique de Lyon, favorites for the title, beat Paris Saint Germain and will face Wolfsburg in the grand final on the 30th. Of course, the classification, like that of the Germans, was by the minimum.


On 09/01/2020 at 11:05 CEST

Patricia Martinez @ppatrimc


Women’s Champions League


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