Some women cannot breastfeed their baby and use the bottle if they have breastfeeding problems

The liver metabolism works best in newborns at a constant body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. So make sure that your child gets enough warmth.

What to consider with jaundice in babies

Avoid bathing in the days of newborn jaundice. In any case, this is not necessary for newborns. Simply clean your offspring’s skin with a damp washcloth. When washing, it should be cozy and warm, as the warmth has a positive effect on jaundice in babies.

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A radiant heater can also provide sufficient warmth on the changing table. Also helpful with jaundice: Lots of light. Walks and daylight accelerate the breakdown of bilirubin. Alternatively, if the outside temperature is too cold, you can put your child in the stroller by the bright window.

Without a smartphone and the Internet, nothing works for children and young people today. From the point of view of an addiction researcher, however, parents still too rarely perceive excessive Internet use as a problem. According to the expert, there are no early warning signs – such as cannabis or alcohol – for internet addiction. 

"You have to raise awareness that online games and social networks can have a high degree of loyalty. Young people come into contact with potentially addictive behavior earlier and earlier"said Professor Falk Kiefer from the German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy.  

More girls affected

According to a significant study from 2011, more than 560,000 people in this country are considered to be internet dependent. In the 14 to 16 year olds, four percent are affected, girls slightly more often than boys. A rising trend is assumed.

So far, however, internet addiction has not been officially recognized as a disease by the insurance providers. Among others, the Federal Drug Commissioner Marlene Mortler (CSU) has been emphasizing for a long time that she considers the demand for a uniform diagnosis to be justified.

The time in front of the screen is not the decisive factor

"The earlier internet-based games and media are available for young people and move into the children’s room, the more it can be expected that the numbers will continue to increase", explained Kiefer. Since there are no norms for Internet use, parents are very uncertain.

The criteria for internet addiction are similar to those for alcohol or drug addiction. The decisive factor is not the time in front of the screen: addicts experience severe negative consequences from online games or surfing in social networks, which they accept or hide as if they are For example, those affected let up in school, withdraw from family and friends and lose control, as Falk Kiefer explains. "It usually doesn’t work to turn off the computer after an hour."

Help is often sought too late

In contrast to alcohol, for example, there were no effects such as drunkenness that would make people aware of the problem, observes Kiefer. Accordingly, young people and their parents come to the counseling centers late. Girls in particular who get lost in social networks are still far too little reached.

Kiefer hopes that more people will seek help early on when in doubt: "You can have problematic behavior at times, but it doesn’t have to turn into an addiction. It is crucial to talk to those affected early on and to negotiate boundaries." If young people notice that they cannot keep their own resolutions such as playing a certain amount of time per day, this is an approach to start a conversation. It is crucial that the change in behavior is not prescribed, but understandable and has positive consequences.

Internet addiction checklist for parents

The EU initiative for more security on the internet offers parents a brochure on internet and computer game addiction on the website It contains a checklist that can give parents an initial clue as to whether their child is at risk. If three or more characteristics are true, parents should react and seek professional help if necessary.

The child’s thoughts are constantly revolving around the computer, Internet or game console, even when doing other activities The child plays and surfs until late at night The child finds it difficult to limit the time in front of the screen The child reacts irritably when they do not use the computer, Internet or game console Must it is withdrawing more and more from family and friends Internet use is suppressing other interests and hobbies Performance at school has deteriorated significantly The child has forgone meals in order to stay on the computer The child has lost or gained weight significantly and appears overtired The child reacts to feelings such as anger or frustration Computer games

Some women cannot breastfeed their baby and use the bottle if they have breastfeeding problems. This is not a problem as long as you do not do without breast milk, because in its composition it cannot be replaced by anything. A midwife has tips for pain relief when breastfeeding.

Most women want to breastfeed their children. "Because of sore nipples, many people switch to the bottle early"said Regine Gresens from the German Midwives Association in Hamburg. Sore nipples are easy to avoid with the right breastfeeding technique. "Children are often misplaced when breastfeeding"explained Gresens. When breastfeeding, the child should not only have the nipple in the mouth, but as much breast as possible. As a result, the nipple goes deep into the mouth when sucking. This prevents inflammation.

Don’t ignore breastfeeding pain

Many mothers endure the pain of breastfeeding because the environment tells them that it is completely normal. "Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, however, and pain is always a signal from our body that an injury is happening."

Ready-made food is not a substitute for breast milk

Mothers who are unable to breastfeed their children should still try to bottle-feed their milk. Because no artificial bottle feeding can keep up with breast milk, which is constantly changing and contains antibodies, hormones, enzymes and growth factors. If the breast milk cannot be fed for certain reasons, such as when taking medication, mothers should switch to industrial baby food.

Greater health risks in children who are not breastfed

Statistics show, however, that children who are not fed exclusively with breast milk are more often ill. "Babies who are fed artificial bottle feed are more likely to get otitis media, gastrointestinal infections and allergies." Such children also suffered more often from diabetes and overweight in adulthood."Breast milk is a living system"said Gresens. The milk contains important antibodies against germs and viruses that are precisely tailored to the needs of the child. "Every drop of breast milk is valuable for the child’s health and development, and for as long as possible." In addition to protecting the immune system, milk also provides important nutrients and is easy to digest. You can also find us on Facebook – now a fan of ours "Parent world" and join the discussion!

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When it comes to breastfeeding, young mothers are almost systematically unsettled. Everyone knows better: the lactation consultant in the hospital, the well-meaning friend, your own mother or aunt Lieselotte. How good when you have a partner at your side in the fight against the breastfeeding myths of our time. Because there is hardly any other topic that has so many legends and, in the truest sense of the word, old wives’ tales as breastfeeding. Here you can test how well you are familiar with this subject.

Bad news unsettles new parents

It is not easy for mothers to want only the best for their offspring. In the post-war period, bottle feeding was considered progressive, healthy and practical. In the 70s, breastfeeding became a political issue for some, others were simply afraid of it because they were pissed off with horror scenarios of poison in their breast milk. Then the tide turned and ten or fifteen years ago it was common practice to fully breastfeed for as long as possible. To protect the child from allergies.

The baby’s natural desire for complementary food had to be refused and instead, in a rather relaxed manner, low-allergen foods were introduced according to plan. Today we recommend a breastfeeding period of four months and from then on a particularly varied complement of foods. Which is likely to be thrown overboard again in a few years.

Some breastfeeding rules are downright ridiculous

So the only option is to listen to your gut instinct and, at times, just use common sense. Or to hope for that of the partner. "My mother once gently pointed out to me that after a few months the breast should belong to my husband again and no longer to the child", says Iris as she breastfeeds her one-year-old daughter. "At first I thought I was crazy. But then I really had to laugh. I mean hello? Who does my breast belong to? Yes, well for me and not for my child and certainly not for my husband."

Breastfeeding on demand, not by the clock

Midwives repeatedly complain that there are breastfeeding myths that persist and make life extremely difficult for both mother and child. This includes, for example, the myth that you have to take a break of several hours between two breastfeeding meals so that undigested milk does not meet digested milk and cause stomach pain. If you inquire at the La Leche Liga (non-profit organization that promotes breastfeeding), you will learn that this is one of the classic old wives’ tales. Because there are always times when an infant wants to be put on more often. During growth spurts, for example, but also when it is very hot. Then the child drinks more often and receives more watery milk, which quenches the thirst better. Nature regulates this on its own so that it fits the child and is by no means based on any clock.

Breastfeeding and weight

And what about the statement that breastfeeding makes you slim? Statistics show that breastfed babies have a lower risk of obesity than bottle-fed babies. This could be due to the fact that the bottle-fed children consume up to 70 percent more protein in the first few months. But it could also be due to a generally healthier diet. But if breastfeeding keeps you slim in any case, that’s mother. She consumes 600 more calories a day.

Old wives’ tales can rob you of self-confidence

"Traditional behavior and ways of thinking that make breastfeeding difficult have persisted in some places", wrote Hannah Lothrop in her famous "Still book". The now deceased psychologist is considered to be the founder of the breastfeeding group movement in Germany and she was always sure that breastfeeding myths in particular can have harmful long-term effects in the emotional area: "Careless statements that sow doubt and convey fear that the baby will not be satisfied and, overall, undermine the self-confidence of women in their abilities as mothers."

A nursing mother doesn’t have to limit herself

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be a compulsion. Far too many mothers feel so much pressured by their environment, but also by their own expectations of themselves, that breastfeeding becomes torture for them. That they think they are a bad mother when they bottle their baby. Or you almost chastise yourself if you have eaten a meal with garlic, allegedly did not consume enough dairy products or if you indulged in another round of exercise. There was never any scientifically proven evidence that a certain breastfeeding diet was necessary, nor can the amount of milk be seriously influenced by specific foods. And the milk doesn’t go sour with a little exercise either.

Many a wives’ fairy tale could make sense

Breast-fed children are smarter, healthier, slimmer, their language development is better, their teeth are not "Endangered by braces" – the list is almost endless. Numerous studies support this, but are also repeatedly criticized for neglecting important aspects and acting too one-sided.

It is possible that certain breastfeeding myths persist simply because they support mothers a little. Extreme sports, for example, are actually not good. And less for the baby, but more for the woman, who should take it easy after the birth and who may find this easier when it is not about her but about the child. A healthy and balanced diet is also easier to achieve if you are convinced that certain foods are beneficial for milk production. Because you reach for yogurt faster and tend to do without the tempting piece of chocolate cake.

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"Don’t pretend like that" – a sentence that many women have heard during childbirth or when they first tried to breastfeed. Because not all midwives, lactation consultants or pediatric nurses have the gift of empathizing with the young mother and showing understanding for her special situation. What women should do when the chemistry between her and the midwife is not right.

Of course everyone can have a bad day. But in contrast to others, these professional groups deal with people who are currently in an exceptional physical and emotional situation and are therefore extremely sensitive and therefore easily influenced.

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