Lotus Intercourse Position: Guide. Everything you need to understand pt.3

Listed here are THREE SIMPLE techniques to switch the Lotus up and stone on!

  1. Perform some Lotus on a seat
  2. Decide to try anal play
  3. Try out bondage

1. Perform some Lotus on a seat

‘Lotusing’ on the ground or sleep is actually for traditionalists – take a moment to break the mildew and take action in a seat! Often, modification of scene may be everything you need to turn the move from ordinary to orgasmic!

The Lotus place seems AMAZING on a recliner or couch while you have the soft bounce plus the security associated with chair’s arms and straight back, assisting you obtain a good rhythm and better range of flexibility! There’s also the KINK-FACTOR of experiencing intercourse within an place that is unusual your family area or home business office (or your ACTUAL workplace!).

2. Try anal play

Yeah, we realize we stated that the Lotus is ideal for clitoral stimulation and sexual climaxes, but statistically, just around 25 % regularly having an orgasm during genital intercourse!

Need to know so what works? Butt play! This study posted in the Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered that very nearly 95 % of female participants realized orgasm once they had ANAL INTERCOURSE!

If complete anal is not regarding the cards, then try out anal play alternatively? A little different after all, during the Lotus sex position, your partner’s ass is just out there BEGGING to be played with, so why not experiment with something?

Get busy along with your favorite lube and some anal fingering, or go onto one thing a lot more intense like a butt that is vibrating for additional pleasure!

By the method, our IDEAL anal fingering tips aren’t here – they’re in our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ANAL FINGERING – look it over!

3. Try out bondage

For sex, nothing beats a little bondage if you want your woman to experience orgasm after orgasm and make her RELENTLESSLY CALL YOU! The Lotus intercourse position rocks ! for breaking out of the blindfolds, handcuffs and even the cycling crop. You are able to tease, slap and tickle the lady towards the brink of orgasm and past!

We covered EVERYTHING you need to know in our Illustrated Guide to Bondage Sex if you’re interested in experimenting with bondage.

The 5 sex toys that are best to try into the Lotus intercourse place

Wish to know the BIGGEST ERROR that a lot of partners make when the Lotus is tried by them intercourse place?

NOT sex that is using! That’s why we’re going to exhibit you some simple MASTURBATOR TRICKS that can TRIPPLE your woman’s chances of orgasming and might even trigger a SQUIRTING orgasm!

Here are the top FIVE sex toys which will allow you to be both tremble with pleasure throughout the Lotus intercourse place.

1. Vibrating cock bands

Vibrating cock rings are AMAZING for making use of in the Lotus intercourse position! Similar to standard cock bands, vibrating variations help dudes keep their erection harder for extended.

However, vibrating cock bands transfer to brand brand new territory by delivering vibrations through their shaft, supplying unbeatable clitoral stimulation on her! Vibrating cock bands are incredibly much enjoyable into the Lotus intercourse position that you’ll want to try a variety. Ann Summers make the perfect cock this is certainly vibrating that will probably be well worth looking into!

Our advice would be to try to find rechargeable models in order that they are often prepared to use it whenever (or anywhere) you are taken by the mood!

2. Bullet vibrators

In contrast to popular belief, the G-spot is not the key to female sexual satisfaction that numerous people believe it is. The G-spot – a tiny area that is ridged 2 to 3 inches within the vagina – is in fact the rear part of the clitoris, referred to as apex. The clitoris is a five-inch-long spongy shaft in addition to noticeable component (where in fact the internal labia meet) may be the mind, which is probably the most part that is sensitive.

That’s why the simplest way for many ladies to quickly attain a climax into the Lotus intercourse place is to utilize an excellent bullet vibrator on the clitoris. Their partner’s penis will stimulate their G-spot internally as they contain the vibrator on the clitoris.

We advice selecting an excellent bullet vibe with a tip that is pointed a wide range of functions, rates, and habits. This means that you are able to deliver vibes to your clit into the many way that is PLEASURABLE!

3. Nipple vibrators

Nipple vibrators are fantastic for foreplay and certainly will work miracles through the Lotus intercourse place too! They affix to her breasts and may tease, tingle and buzz her most parts that are sensitive she’s in absolute ecstasy!

Nipple vibes feature small bullet vibrators in each glass that springtime into action during the press of a switch. Some nipple vibes, like the ‘Fantasy on her’ range, really stimulate sucking during the exact same time!

To get more ideas on including nipple pleasure to the Lotus intercourse place, always check our guide out to offering your spouse a NIPPLE ORGASM through Nipple Enjoy!

4. Butt plugs

To provide the Lotus position a tad bit more OOMPF and transform your sexual climaxes into a completely other-worldly experience, butt plugs would be the most readily big dick hidden cam useful adult toys you can look at! Whether you intend to mess around by having a slim, novice plug or transfer to vibrating models, you will find SO options that are many explore!

If you’d like to give butt play a try but don’t would you like to frighten your lover down, the sexy Candy Heart butt plug from Adam & Eve may be worth a look. These adorable little butt plugs are super-smooth and non-porous, providing you an ideal possiblity to try out anal vibes throughout the Lotus sex place!

Keep In Mind:

The rectum doesn’t self-lubricate so you’ll desire to use lots of water-based lube whenever playing with ANY anal model!

Bondage toys

The lotus intercourse place is totally unbeatable for trying out a range that is whole of toys!

Why? Bondage play is amazing for heightening your partner’s senses and accelerating their sexual arousal. You’ll bind rope or cuffs to their hands and kiss, swing, nibble and tease their human body in unlimited means, making use of feather ticklers, nipple clamps, spankers and much more!

Bondage toys result in the Lotus intercourse place feel excessively kinky – a big switch on by itself – and also this is practically fully guaranteed to deliver your pleasure amounts through the roof!

Bondage play will help bring your closer, by boosting trust STRENGTHENING your relationship! Bondage play doesn’t need to be hardcore and super rough! You could begin with super-sensual, mild play that is romantic see where things lead…

In the event your wondering and wish to know how to start – listed here are our TOP 3 tips!


An easy blindfold (or silk scarf or necktie you explore restraint and sensory play in the Lotus sex position if you want to improvise) lets. Blindfolds result in the wearer’s body that is entire SUPER-SENSITIVE to sounds, touch and smells while making them in suspense in what you have got in store for them next!

Feather tickler

Feather ticklers are the perfect solution to explore sensory play within the Lotus intercourse place! You can easily caress your lover’s epidermis while increasing their excitement and build pleasure with every swing. Ticklers are BEST enjoyed having a blindfold as a prelude to your EXTREME stimulation that the Lotus place provides.

Velcro-fastened wrist cuffs

Fabric wrist cuffs that fasten with Velcro really are a way that is great introduce discipline when you look at the Lotus intercourse place without getting overwhelming. Cuffs result in the ultimate pairing with blindfolds which help you retain your spouse in position when you drive them crazy with tickles, shots, and much more!

Keep In Mind:

Bondage should be consensual and you ought to set a SAFE TERM together with your partner before play. Allowing the partner stop the play instantly when they feel uncomfortable. Set your boundaries and constantly respect one another.