Blue potatoes help people with high blood pressure

Many isolate themselves and withdraw into their snail shell, others forge plans for revenge. Temporarily these emotions are normal. But if the pressure of suffering becomes too great that you lose all zest for life and even resort to alcohol or medication, you should seek professional help.

Off to everyday life!

“Time heals all wounds” – a sentence that we have often heard from our mothers. This is especially true for lovesickness, because unfortunately there is no universal remedy. Long conversations with good friends, exercise to reduce stress hormones, distract yourself through work and do a lot to get out of the depths. It also makes sense to clarify the reasons for the separation again and to accept the new situation. This is the only way you can gradually find your self-esteem again.

Courage to start over

Lovesickness can also be the chance for inner growth. In such a situation, many people start to renovate their apartment, to let their creativity run free, to fulfill their dreams – or at least to go to the hairdresser. Use this new phase of life to reinvent yourself too.

Women suffer, men too – but differently

Men deal with lovesickness differently than women. While men perceive the failure in love as a personal failure and suppress a lot, women primarily look to themselves to blame for the failure of the relationship. This is why women suffer much more: They feel more anger, dejection and self-doubt. For men, on the other hand, the topic is often dealt with quickly – they immediately start looking for a new partner. Small consolation for the women: They go through the phases of detachment more thoroughly and learn from them for life.

According to an American study, anyone who suffers from high blood pressure should eat potatoes more often. People who regularly ate blue potatoes have been shown to lower their blood pressure, according to a research team headed by Joe Vinson from the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania, USA). You can also lower high values ​​with other methods:

Blue potatoes help people with high blood pressure

For the study, the 18 predominantly overweight high blood pressure patients ate blue potatoes for a month: twice a day, six to eight of the golf ball-sized tubers with their skin. The potatoes were cooked in the microwave without oil. Otherwise they stuck to their usual diet. The test subjects should eat the blue exotic species, because colored fruits and vegetables contain a particularly high amount of phytochemicals, the researchers explained. These substances are considered to be beneficial to health.

Values ​​drop by four percent

During the study, the researchers measured both systolic or upper blood pressure and diastolic or lower blood pressure. The result: the potato diet reduced systolic blood pressure by an average of 3.5 percent and diastolic by 4.3 percent. In addition, none of the participants gained weight. “The potato has an undeserved bad reputation that has led many to avoid it,” said Vinson. Lovers of french fries and potato chips might not be happy about the results, however: According to the researchers, the high temperatures at which the products are made destroy a large part of the healthy ingredients in the potato. Mainly starch, fat and minerals remained.

Reach for dairy products

In order to naturally lower high blood pressure values, you don’t necessarily have to reach for potatoes. A high-protein diet with lots of milk or soy can also have a positive effect on blood pressure, according to a US study from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans.

Fruits and vegetables are natural blood pressure lowerers

A diet rich in potassium and low in sodium can also help to lower high levels: it causes increased excretion of water, relaxation of the blood vessels and thus a lowering of blood pressure.human rights persuasive essay topics Plant foods can increase the desirable intake of potassium. It is found in particular in fruits (bananas), vegetables, legumes, potatoes, rice and grain products. At the same time, plant foods are extremely low in sodium. Natural mineral waters have very different sodium contents. High blood pressure patients should rather prefer low-sodium mineral waters that contain less than 100 milligrams of sodium per liter.

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High fiber diet

A high-fiber diet is also recommended for patients with high blood pressure. High-fiber foods include all whole grains, oatmeal, oat and wheat bran, brown rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits. They contain indigestible carbohydrates (e.g. fiber, plant mucilage and pectins). Dietary fiber from beans and pectins from apples, citrus fruits and other fruits have a particularly beneficial effect on blood pressure. In addition, dietary fiber lowers the cholesterol level. People with high blood pressure and people with high cholesterol should consume at least 30 to 35 grams of fiber daily.

There is good and bad cholesterol, this principle has applied so far. The good HDL cholesterol is said to prevent vascular calcification and protect against heart disease, and the harmful LDL cholesterol to attack the blood vessels. But that doesn’t seem to be entirely true. A new study shows when the effect of the so-called high-density lipoproteins (HDL) fails.

Lifestyle – no time for healthy eating?


No time for a healthy diet?

Five tips for quickly preparing nutritious dishes. to the video

HDL cholesterol doesn’t always protect

For the study, Professor Ulf Landmesser, cardiologist at the University Hospital Zurich, and his working group evaluated the data from 1,548 patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) who had bypass surgery between 2004 and 2009. The subjects were divided into two groups: one with high HDL and one with low HDL. Both groups were followed for 32 months. It turned out that a high HDL level in the blood did not protect the blood vessels.

Higher HDL death rate

The group with high HDL cholesterol values ​​even recorded 44 deaths towards the end, in the group with the low values ​​36 patients died. Thus, the death rate was lower in the low cholesterol group. The researchers assume that the protective function of the lipid cannot take effect in this clinical picture. The researchers cite a lack of enzyme production as a possible cause. This could lead to the lipids losing their original properties.

High HDL levels can even increase the risk of disease

The idea of ​​increasing the HDL level with medication and thus preventing heart disease also showed no positive effect. Several pharmaceutical companies have had to stop developing drugs or stop developing them because the risk of heart disease either increased or serious side effects were observed. A high HDL level in the blood can also have negative effects.

In the course of another study, Landmesser also observed that the HDL in the inflamed veins changed chemically in patients with existing arteriosclerosis. Landmesser said it could not only lose its effectiveness, but also develop vascular damaging effects.

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Effect of HDL discussed

The effect of HDL cholesterol is the subject of intense discussion in specialist circles. Various experts suspect that it is not the value itself that has the protective effect, but that it is a healthy lifestyle – which also has an effect on the cholesterol levels. These include exercise, abstaining from alcohol and a healthy diet.

Anyone who gets out of breath after the first floor should pay attention, warns the German Heart Foundation. Often an undetected heart disease is behind it. It is estimated that around two million Germans suffer from heart failure – and know nothing about it. When to go to the doctor?

Lifestyle – when shortness of breath becomes a disease


When shortness of breath becomes a disease

Only acting in time can prevent the worst. to the video

Be sure to take puffing on the stairs seriously

Undetected or inadequately treated heart disease can be life-threatening. Therefore, one should listen carefully to one’s breath in everyday life. The German Heart Foundation advises that if increased breathing occurs even with low levels of stress, such as when walking or doing light gardening, a doctor should clarify the cause. This also applies if you are out of breath after walking one or two floors on the stairs.

Often a weak heart is behind the symptoms

If you have breathing problems, you shouldn’t blame it on age: Few people know that a sick heart is one of the most common causes of shortness of breath, according to the German Heart Foundation. In many cases, cardiac insufficiency is the trigger for rapid breathing. Then the heart muscle is no longer able to pump enough oxygen into the muscles – you start to pant.

EKG shows whether the heart is healthy

The doctor can use various tests to determine whether the heart is healthy. In addition to listening to the heart and lungs and taking blood, an EKG is often performed. The heart activity is recorded with the help of measuring electrodes. These are stuck on the body and transmit the organ’s electrical impulses for evaluation.

There are three different ECG examinations

The examination can be carried out using a long-term ECG, in which the patient wears a small measuring device on his body for 24 hours. Or the measurement is carried out directly in the practice, for example on a bicycle trainer or treadmill. Then one speaks of an exercise ECG. With a resting ECG, the patient lies quietly on the couch during the measurement.

First fasted, then feasted and almost died: After Ramadan, a 53-year-old man eats a lot – and then loses consciousness several times. In the hospital, his doctors uncover an extremely rare cause.

more on the subject

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Patient comes to the emergency room

It was August 19, 2012 when the patient came to the emergency room of the St. Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is the day that Muslims break their fast this year. The 53-year-old had refrained from eating during the day for the past four weeks, until the feast the previous evening. There he feasted at the end of Ramadan celebration, and not too short.

Man loses consciousness several times

In the early hours of the morning, the father of the family lost consciousness several times while lying in bed, report the patient’s wife and children. He kept stopping to breathe, his head fell back, his gaze was fixed on the ceiling, all strength had drained from his limbs. The man could not remember the attacks, report the doctors Shmaila Talib and Sweder van de Poll in the journal “The Lancet”.

Heart attack – diagnosis of heart attack: When every second counts

Heart attack

Heart attack diagnosis: when every second counts

280,000 people across Germany are affected annually. to the video

Laboratory tests initially give no results

The man is actually healthy, he does not take any medication, does not drink alcohol and does not use any other drugs. Also, he had never passed out suddenly, and there was no case of sudden and inexplicable cardiac death in the family. The physical examination and laboratory tests also provide the doctors with no clues as to the cause of the sudden loss of consciousness that caused the man to wet himself. And then, shortly after being admitted to the hospital, it happens again: the man passes out.

Chaos in the heart muscle cells

This time, a circulatory and breathing monitor is running during the seizure. Electrodes glued to the chest monitor the man’s heart rhythm. On the ECG image, the doctors recognize the pattern of a life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia, a so-called ventricular tachycardia, several times in a row.

Ventricular fibrillation occurs for a short time: the heart muscles are no longer rhythmically stimulated, instead there is chaos in the cells, the heart no longer pumps blood. The doctors have to shock the patient back to life twice. In addition, the man receives a drug that stabilizes the heart muscle cells, after which there are no more arrhythmias.

Brugada syndrome is a rare heart disease

In search of the cause of the cardiac arrest, the doctors analyze the patient’s EKG more precisely. You notice changes that are typical of a very rare heart disease. In Brugada syndrome, as it is called, protein building blocks in the membranes of the heart muscle cells are changed. This confuses the sensitive electrical excitation of the heart muscle, which controls the heartbeat.

Find a doctor – find a good doctor

Doctor search

Find a good doctor

Various factors can increase the risk of arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in Brugada patients: fever, medication or even high insulin levels. It is also known that those affected have an increased risk of cardiac arrest at night or after a meal – and that a large meal can worsen the typical EKG changes.

Feast responsible for cardiac arrhythmias

The Dutch doctors speculate that the full stomach also played a role in their patient: After eating, the resting nerve, the vagus, becomes active, which among other things stimulates digestion.

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