As the blog Emojipedia reports, the Unicode consortium has corrected its mistake

A work by the world-famous street artist Banksy destroyed itself during its auction: the picture was barely there "Girl with balloon" was auctioned on Friday evening at Sotheby’s in London for a record price of the equivalent of 1.2 million euros, a shredder hidden in the frame turned on – and cut the picture into strips.

"The unexpected incident immediately became art-world folklore"explained Sotheby’s contemporary art director Alex Branczik. It is the first time in auction history "that a work of art automatically shredded itself after it went under the hammer". It initially remained unclear whether the auction house had been informed in advance.

Artist comments on the action on Instagram

Banksy is the most prominent graffiti artist in the world, his works are emblazoned on walls and walls in many countries. The pictures often have clear political messages – but not always: Bei "Girl with balloon" a little girl stretches her arm towards a red heart-shaped balloon that flies away. The picture is one of the most famous motifs of the Briton who keeps his identity a secret to this day.

Banksy is known for his reluctance to commercialize his art and, for example, refuses to exhibit his work. The artist posted a photo of the action on Instagram on Saturday morning, with the traditional call of the auctioneer before the hammer falls: "Going, going, gone" – which in his case would mean something like, in German, "it works, it works, it’s gone".

Sources used: AFPBanksy on Instagram

First there was pizza on the plate, then Kurt Cobain wrote down a set list on it – and suddenly the cardboard pad was worth gold. Now the plate has been auctioned for a record value. Even the auction house was amazed.

A used paper pizza plate with a handwritten set list by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) went up for $ 22,400 at auction in New York. Cobain ate pizza from the paper plate in 1990 and then wrote a list of songs for an upcoming concert in Washington on it with a black pen, the auction house Julien’s announced. The auction house had actually only estimated the paper plate at around $ 2,000. 

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 In total, more than 600 memorabilia were sold to stars at the auction, including a Cobain cardigan for $ 75,000, a jacket that Michael Jackson wore to a birthday party for Nelson Mandela for 76,800, and a synthesizer that made the band Queen their hit "Radio Gaga" recorded, for 25,000.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Eight year old Ryan Kaji is according to the "Forbes"-Magazine the highest paid YouTuber in the world. This year alone he is said to have earned an estimated $ 26 million with his channel Ryan’s World. 

American boy Ryan Kaji already earns more a year in elementary school than most people will ever make in their entire lives: according to estimates by the US magazine, it was $ 26 million "Forbes" this year alone. But Ryan is neither an accomplished gambler nor a brilliant stock market guru: the eight-year-old is a YouTube star. 

+++ You can see what the boy’s secret of success as a YouTube star is in the video +++ above

On his channel Ryan’s World, the little boy tests toys, sings learning songs or helps explain how a tsunami develops in a child-friendly manner. With this simple formula, he and his parents have huge success: over 23 million people follow the channel, almost every day they see a new video from Ryan.

First unboxing videos at the age of three

When he was three years old, his parents had already recorded unboxing videos with him, that is, they filmed him unpacking toys and showed them on Today Ryan sells his own toys and clothing and has a TV show on the children’s channel Nickelodeon.

Incidentally, there is another child in the top 10 list of the highest-earning YouTubers: Anastasia Radzinskaya. According to "Forbes" The five-year-old earned around 18 million US dollars in 2019, making it third on the list of the best. 

Your videos on YouTube channels like "Like Nastya Vlog" are delivered in seven different languages. Usually you can see the girl playing with her father. It seems to be pulling among fans: more than 42 million users follow their Russian-language channel alone, and their most popular videos were viewed between 300 and 700 million times.

You can see how the eight-year-old earns his living in the video above.

Sources used: Forbes: The Highest-Paid Youtube Stars of 2019

More space, more exhibitors and more e-sports. The video game fair Gamescom is coming this year with a larger range – even the Chancellor will drop by. However, visitors should observe the stricter costume rules.

Gamescom is serious: more exhibitors, more space, more events, more politics and clear rules. 900 exhibitors from 50 countries, visitors from 100 countries and more than 200,000 square meters of exhibition space are the key figures of the fair. Strict and uniform rules now apply to costumed visitors.

With the visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to the opening, the mixture of trade fair and cultural event in the Bundestag election year also receives special political attention. This year’s partner country is Canada – a heavyweight among the developer countries and a pioneer when it comes to game funding. Visitors – around 345,000 in 2016 – are waiting for new games for PCs, consoles or mobile devices.

Watch in Los Angeles, really play in Cologne

After many new releases were announced at E3 in Los Angeles in June, some can now be played in Cologne. Including the new one, for example "Pro Evolution Soccer 2018" from Konami and the new one "Fifa 18" by Electronic Arts, "Destiny 2" (Bungie), "Tropico 6" (Calypso) or "Star Wars Battlefront 2" (DICE / Electronic Arts). Microsoft also has the first copies of the new Xbox One X console in its luggage.

The schedule is new: Gamescom starts one day earlier and lasts from August 22nd to 26th. The first day of general visitors is Wednesday, August 23rd. Currently (as of August 3) there are still day tickets for Wednesday and Thursday. The Kölnmesse advises you to buy tickets in advance. Those who can no longer get a day ticket can still get an afternoon ticket from 2 p.m. Sunday is no longer a trade fair day this year. As a result, the Gamescom City Festival in Cologne’s city center should also come to the fore. It runs from Friday to Sunday (August 25-27) and includes various activities and concerts on Rudolfplatz, Neumarkt and Hohenzollernring. New this year is another stage at Apostelnplatz.

Politicians use the fair in the election year

In the election arena on August 23, top representatives of the parties will answer questions from the players. The event will be moderated by the Youtubers Florian Mundt (LeFloid), Peter Smits (PietSmiet) and Daniel Budimann (Rocket Beans TV). It should be about current politics, digital topics and games.

E-sports, i.e. the organized competition between individual players and teams in video games, is also becoming increasingly important. In addition to the major events, there will be competitions and shows in the entertainment area at many of the publisher’s stands, according to Kölnmesse.

The trappings are just as important as the games. For Felix Falk from the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU), Gamescom is less of a showcase for an industry than an event for gamers to meet, exchange ideas and get to know each other.

Game and comic characters in the Cosplay Village

There is also a lot of program away from the crowded and noisy game halls. For example in Hall 10.2, in which the "Cosplay Village" is constructed. Friends of video game and cartoon characters can meet here and advise on costumes and accessories, or pose for photos. A competition for the best costume is also on the program. However, visitors in disguise have to live with some restrictions. Various weapons and replica weapons have to stay outside, as well as overly expansive costumes and gas masks. According to the Kölnmesse, visitors in costumes should use the north entrance or the entrance to Hall 11. Here can costumes "knowledgeable" checked and model weapons registered.

Meeting point for many target groups

The gaming scene can no longer be imagined without the numerous streaming stars and starlets who will fill the social media stage in Hall 10.1 with programs. The Gamescom Awards ceremony will take place here on Thursday, August 24th. Also in Hall 10.1 is the German Casemod Championship, where hobbyists demonstrate their sometimes spectacular computer constructions. It’s a little quieter in Hall 10.2 in the Family & Friends area too. Here, parents with children up to the age of twelve can relax a little and try out sports offers or console classics, as Gamescom Director Tim Endres explains.

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With all innovations, at least in terms of safety, the old ones remain. There will be strict bag and personal controls and corresponding waiting times at the entrance to the fair. Tim Endres advises visitors to leave bags and backpacks at home or in their accommodation. The security checkpoints open from 7:00 a.m.

The Unicode consortium once again made a few mistakes when working out the latest emojis. In biology in particular, the creators of smartphone sign language don’t seem to have been paying particularly close attention. 

How many legs does a lobster have? The organization that controls the emoji images was probably not exactly known. After an outcry from the fan base, she now knows all the better: Ten. Not eight, like on the first lobster emoji featured.

As the blog Emojipedia reports, the Unicode consortium has corrected its mistake. The revised Hummer emoji will be officially launched this year along with 156 other emojis. 

The eight-legged pre-release version was particularly offensive in the US state of Maine. There is a lobster festival there every February.

DNA strands were also misrepresented in the version originally presented. In the designs of the emoji designers, the double helix turned to the left. However, DNA rarely occurs in nature like this. In the vast majority of cases, the DNA strand winds to the right. Scientists of course noticed the mistake immediately. 

Even skateboard legend Tony Hawk joined the debate and complained, among other things, on Twitter about the 80s design of the skateboard emoji. The graphic designers and the professional skater were able to quickly agree on a compromise: From now on Hawk’s own skateboard will serve as a template for the emoji. 

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According to the blog author and consortium member Jeremy Burge, the protest against the original design shows one thing above all: The users are passionate about emoji design. 

Sources used: APEmojipedia news agency Blog

Not just a pile of old stones: In an auction house there are six individual parts of a so-called "Moon puzzles" been auctioned – for more than half a million US dollars.  

A buyer paid more than US $ 600,000 for a lunar meteorite at auction. The "Moon puzzle" According to the auction house RR Auction, the mentioned rock consists of six individual parts, which together weigh almost 5.5 kilograms.

It had probably been blasted off the surface of the moon by the impact of another piece of rock, had traveled some 380,000 kilometers to the earth and reached the surface of the earth.

Meteorite is to be exhibited

The meteorite was discovered in 2017 in a remote desert area in Mauritania in northwestern Africa. According to the Boston-based auction house, it will now be part of a tourist attraction in the Vietnamese province of Ha Nam. He will therefore be shown publicly in the Buddhist complex Tam Chuc. Buyers and sellers remained anonymous during the auction.

The price of 612,500 dollars (533,500 euros) exceeded the auction house’s expectations, which had assumed a sales price of half a million dollars. According to this, the meteorite is the largest complete moon puzzle that has ever been found.

Sources used: dpa

The actor Brooke McCarter is dead. As his management confirmed to the US media, the actor died on Tuesday at the age of 52. McCarter’s most famous appearance was in the horror film "The Lost Boys".

These personalities passed away in 2015

Photo series with 42 pictures

The actor died of liver failure in his Florida home. He suffered from the rare genetic metabolic disease alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, as was discovered during a hospital stay earlier this year. The disease can cause cirrhosis of the liver and emphysema.

"He died this morning surrounded by family and friends. His twelve-year-old daughter Kaitlin McCarter was also present", it said in a statement. "He will be remembered as a talented actor and musician. He was a beloved son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, nephew and friend."

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He played the vampire Paul

McCarter was especially popular with a wide audience through his role in the 1987 horror flick "The Lost Boys" known, in which he embodied the vampire Paul. He also made an appearance on the side of skateboard legend Tony Hawk in the 1986 skateboard film "Thrashin ‘". In 1998 McCarter left show business and moved to Florida to pursue a career in the telecommunications industry.

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